Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Watching movies

You know what's crap? When people do other things while watching a movie, that's what. Particularily when they are watching a movie they haven't seen before. Even more particularily when I, who have seen the movie before, am NOT doing anything else and am trying to concentrate on the movie, and want them to concentrate on the movie so when it's over, I don't have to explain everything. And finaly, it is especially crap when we could have been watching a different movie, that I hadn't seen before, and the multi-tasker had seen before, and would clearly have been the more logical option since the movie was a clear second priority for said multi-tasker anyway, and the only reason we were watching what we were watching was because said mult-tasker wanted to see it - only to multi-task through it. Crap. All crap.

Nevertheless, even for the second time, The Butterfly Effect is a suprisingly good and interesting flick, and I enjoyed it, despite all of the crap steaming from the direction of said multi-tasker.

Oh, and another thing that is crap is people who, for some reason unbeknownst to me, don't like either About a Boy or Love Actually - both of which are increadible flicks, the former of which is made even better by a soundtrack that can easily be considered a simply outstanding stand-alone album, and the latter of which has one of the most brilliant and beautiful scenes in film, involving one of the most brilliant and beautiful woman in film. The crap only gets crappier when someone doesn't like these films because they don't like movies with brittish accents. I mean, holy crap.Just because a beautiful girl with a brittish accent reaches a level of sexy american girls just can't muster and a smart guy with a brittish accent just sounds smarter, doesn't mean you shouldn't like brilliant movies. In fact, not liking brilliant movies is crap.

I may sound pissed, but I'm not. Despite all of the crap I encountered tonight, I can still rest assured that the three movies I have discussed are NOT crap, which lets me sleep well at night. All this craptalk is just craptastic, but I think if this post went on any longer it would be the biggest crap of all, so until tomorrow when I get up at 7:30 to fix my car and watch the burliest time trial on earth, out.


mindovermatter said...

Have you seen "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?" It incites a similiar emotion as does "Butterfly," but it is SO much better. So much more...deep? Intelligent? Transcendent? Pick a word. It makes one realize that "Butterfly Effect" actually kinda sucks...

scribbs said...

no, i havent seen endless sunshine, i want to, and yes, maybe it will make me change my mind, but, im still going to say that butterfly effect doesnt suck. from what i hear of sunshine, they seem like very different movies, aside from their common subject of people with fucked up heads. the point is, butterfly effect wasnt exactly an 'emotional' movie, but it was entertaining, and i think, pretty gripping, it held my attention for 2 viewings, and shit, i dont even like movies. say it sucks if you want, but im still digging it.