Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Lakers' 21 Run

Tonight was Lakers' b'day. Not the Shaq-less, Phil-less, Coach K-less Lakers, but rather just another girl from L-town whom I'll call Lakers. So really, this is just another post that has nothing to do with the picture. We went to downtown. It was pretty down, but to be honest, that was nice and relaxing compared to my last couple town experiences which were either far too drunk or far to crowded. Anyway, I've recently read about worlds colliding. I can't say where, but I have, and tonight, in a way, I had two worlds collide. Not in the same way, but in a new, odd way, that I'm not sure what to make of.

Tonight, at a place that sounded strangely like the "whore house", the real world met a part of what was, until now, only part of the blog world. It wasn't nearly the same kind of earth-shaking event that's been gracing the blog-nazi's blog, but nevertheless, it was a little strange as I sat there in a group that included what had been, to me, only an acronym. What troubles me, is that in some way, that I don't really like or feel comfortable with, I didn't like it. It was like seeing a movie made from a book you really like - it just never comes out the way you expect. Worse, it sort of takes away from your own freedom to create a character the way you see them. To be honest though, I don't really mind, and actually, it adds a nice personal touch to reading a blog. My biggest issue is that I can't very well call someone an acronym. Particularly one that they don't know (I don't think) they are being called. Which brings me to my next point...

Inside blogtalk? What happens when there are hidden blogs? Anonymous blogs? What happens when those blogs become unhidden, but only to a few? Well, inside blogtalk happens. Like an inside joke, but not really telling a joke. Sometimes, funny, but without a joke. Kind of like Bush - sometimes funny, but because he told a joke. Anyway, tonight, there was inside blogtalk. It's a bit like talking about a story in front of the very characters that are in the story, but they don't know they're in it...if that made any sense. It's all very strange, and it's all still worlds colliding, I like that. I suppose it comes down to the simple childhood fun of being in a club. I would say that everyone should be in the club, but then, the club wouldn’t be any fun, so consider yourself lucky, for you, are in the club.

I've joined another club lately too - a new, trendy, and I believe, good, club The Livestrong Bracelet club. For just a dollar you can get one of these cool and stylish rubber bracelets and then you will be in the club too. There are certain things that line up with other things in life and because of it, they can take on a much greater meaning than they ever would alone. For me, this yellow strip of made-in-china silicon happens to be one of those things, and it's a club I'm glad to be in. I've got JZ to thank for initiating me, and I really do love the girl...even if I can kick her ass at soccer.

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