Monday, July 12, 2004


So I screwed up my last post. MK brought to my attention the fact that the guy in the picture, with the hottie, actually IS the fat, older, Brazilian Ronaldo. The younger, Portuguese one is the guy in this picture above. Well, shit. I thought about changing it, but really, that just didn't seem right, so just pretend that the guy in the armani is actually the younger, smaller, bring-more-funk-ier, Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for Man U. The second picture, by the way, really is the right Ronaldo, wearing his Man U jersey.

In an attempt to make this post slightly more than just a correction, here's some ideas I'm toying with for future posts, just to keep you interested:

1. Lance "I got too popular for my wife, but I am still the most badass and inspiring athlete around today" Armstrong.
2. Pete "Selling beer is like being a senator" Coors
3. Why hockey is better than baseball, football, basketball, and soccer.
4. My hair
5. Me not having a job, then thinking I was going to have a job, then not having a job
6. Halo
7. My thoughts on what to do about starting a blog that may have information which must be kept from certain eyes, and why it shouldn't keep someone from blogging.
8. Fondue restaurants

Let me know what you would like to hear about, and rest assured that your comments will likely have no bearing oncesoever on what I finally write. Peace, y'all.

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