Sunday, July 25, 2004

Bear witness to the illness.

I be rockin' up in here, and you all are going to be the first to hear it. So buckle your danger-belts and prepare to be rockjucated. But - audblog is retarded, because you have to do it over the phone, and that is just lame and shitty sounding, and you are worth more than that. So, while this is a little more of a pain in the ass, I know, check out what happened when I rocked to the lyrics I wrote back in this post. You can get "MK Gets Smoked" here, and you can also grab the hamburger song, and, in future, maybe more rock.

Listen, and then come back here and rant. This blog needs Q&A. I have answers for everything. My answer for most things, this week anyway, is more rock.

On another note, kaiser de blog pointed me toward this guy, who writes about being a lawyer. Read if you like, but the part I liked best was when he responded to the question, "Q. Would you go go law school and take a job with your firm if you had it to do over?" with, "Knowing what I know now, I'd probably spend more time practicing the guitar". I hear you, usedtoberockerturnedlawyerwhoisslowlywitnessingthedeathofhissoul, I hear you.

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colderwater said...

i'm not gonna hate - it was suprisingly . . . okay. i mean, it rocked . . . a little bit.