Thursday, July 29, 2004

I heard a love story

I heard a love story,
It’s in a song.
It’s about a boy and a girl, but
It doesn’t have to be.
Love’s something you’re born with and their story starts at birth,
Two kids two thousand miles apart.
They don’t know it, but as they grow up, they’re falling in love,
Falling for each other.

It takes a long, long, time before they ever meet,
She knows other boys, he knows other things,
They’ve been waiting, they know not what for,
Just looking for a little bit more.

Coffee shop downtown, sittin’ on a park bench waiting for the bus while I’m waiting for you,
Are you waiting for me too?
I saw you in the lunchroom, you saw me on the third floor, girl, just tell me what you got in store for me. Can’t you see that
This is a love story,
It’s been told before,
But just this once lets pretend that the girl is you,
And the boy is me.

I met you at school, but
It seems like we fell in love in a movie,
Because, girl, you make me believe,
In things I used to think were only make believe.

Some stories end in tears,
Some last for hours and others for many years.
Don’t ask me where we’re going because I don’t know,
But I don’t need a road map to tell me that I’m on the right road.
So girl, it’s time you heard the truth,
That the day I was born, somebody stole something from me and put it in you.
My whole life I’ve been trying to get it back,
And now that I’ve got it there’s no way I’m giving it back.

This story isn’t over yet, we’re just caught in-between,
Love has already begun , but we both know that growing up can change everything.
Sure, we might get married, you might have a baby, we might get a little white house on the street where you lived, and a big backyard,
Love will make us cry, but not all tears are happy, though they all have a story,
And our story is bound to have many tears.
What if I do something mean to you? What if you say something you didn’t mean to?
What if it all falls down?

I could stop it all right now,
We could out before we get in too deep,
We could try to go back to before there was you and me,
Could we just go back and pretend that that would make us free?

But that’s not how this story ends,
You don’t have that much control,
You cant reclaim what you lost, without keeping what you found,
And the girl’s always gonna be around.
You won’t regret the things you said as much as the things you didn’t say,
So say to her what you want to say today.
You can’t wash her away, wash your memory by getting rid of the gifts she gave, because she lingers, her smell lingers.
So you better see it though, through to the end of the story…
…see what end this story holds for you.

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