Sunday, July 18, 2004

I Wanna Rock

I missed Jack Black's flick in the theatres, but I did just watch it in my basement with the speakers lights down and the speakers up, and to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure I've ever seen a better movie. Different movies, yes. Movies just as good, yes. Better movies, no. Jack black, and the whole cast, includig the kick ass 10 year-old musicians who make up the band, were all fantastic. Jack Black deserves an Oscar. I've never seen one be so crucial to a movie as he was. Nor have I ever seen an actor play a part that would be so clearly impossible for anyone but him. Jack rocked. The movie rocked. The kids rocked. Ned, the whipped roommate rocked. The principal rocked. Everything and everyone rocked...except Ned the whipped roomate's uberbitch of a girlfriend, who did the opposite of rock (bp), but, the fact that her "success" and "stability" clearly went hand in hand with her bitchiness and that all of this culminated in her being the grinch who stole rock, rocked. I'm not even going to try to explain all of the things that rocked in this movie, because it would take forever, and result in a blog that most certainly, would NOT rock.

Instead, I am going to talk about how much I rock.  Or, rather, how much I WANT to rock, after seeing School of Rock. I dusted off the guitar, unwound the powercord, fired up the fuzzbox, and started rocking. I rocked to old songs, I rocked to new songs, I wrocked to my own songs. I even rocked to the words I wrote here, and that, let me tell you, rocked hard. The movie made me feel alive again. It was like an anthem for The Success Blog, a shining beacon of light that leads the way to the real success - not one of riches and glamour and status, but of expression, feeling, and truth - just like the real rock. Jack Black, just like his character, was born to rock. In a way, I think, or at leats, I hope, that each of us, perhaps less literaly, is also born to rock. Unfortunately, most of us "outgrow" our rocking habbits and dreams and desires and wind up with no hopes and no life. That is truly unrock. I say, pick up a guitar and write a song, pick up a keyboard and write either a song or a blog, and pick up a pen and write a declaration of rock independence (not to be confused with indy-rock dependence), and stick it to the man until he's done good and stuck, and then, find the new man, and stick it to him.

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