Wednesday, June 23, 2004

To my critics...

Recently, as some of you may have noticed, there have been some negative comments regarding The Success Blog. A central element of their critique has been by tendency to blog about blogging. Well, mindlesschatter and coldwater (you've done well enough picking a lame name on your own), now you've really done it.

For this post, I am forced to blog about blogging about blogging.

I hadn't wanted to do this; in fact, I had noticed the growing numbers of blog-related posts and had decided that I needed some fresh material, but I can't stand by and take guff from my readers. Said guff-taking is not a part of blogging. Instead, I would like to take this opportunity to point out several things:

1. As I have said before, most notably in "I'm Pissed Off", this is my blog and I blog for me and me alone. While I do hope that others will be entertained, amused, and enlightened along the way, their tastes are not my trouble. I am not a philanthropic blogger. Besides, as HDT might have said, "I should not talk so much about my blog if there were anything else I knew so well".

2. Blogging is a hot topic lately, and the issues pertaining to it are similarly in high demand. The ups and downs, in's and out's, emotional struggles, social dilemmas and ethical decisions related to blogging are not only of great interest to the blogging public, but are as vital to the future of blogging as self-examination, free speech, and the act of voting are to the future of the United States. I have my doubts as to which future is brighter, but that's a non-blog-related topic and is therefore, for another post.

3. You, whydoesitmatter, should re-direct your blog-saber. Take a look at your own blog of incomprehensible phsyco-philosophy babble before you start accusing me of too much self-study. Nevertheless, I agree about T-mac; stop acting like a baby before you lead the way for the NHL to complete its turn to the dark side in the footsteps of every other major American pro sport.

4. As for coldwater, you've got all the ideas, and opinions, but no place to put 'em down, so set down the bowl, lay off the ketchup, and go play some soccer. At least start your own blog so you can post your reviews and opinions of others' on your own space.

5. All said and done, I'm sick of blogging about blogging. Look for something new in the near future...peace.


mindovermatter said...

fair enough, fair enough...but we all need a little grounding sometimes. Even cynical-ass-deities. I like this little blog network thing we got going on here...everything's gotta start small, but I forsee grand proportions.

F'er said...

Wow! Who knew that reading blogs about blogging about blogging could be so much fun? It makes me want to describe it in a nice juicy blog. By the way...[cough]...that hamburger song, I think we could collaborate and do a video, at least add it to the long list of things we will never actually do but are fun to talk about.