Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Inaugural Post

This is new to me. This.....blogging. And despite the fact that few, if any, will read the words I jot down here, I am still nervous. The first-time butterflies are here -- audible as the jittery sounds of quickly typed words and then quickly deleted ones that signal a writer who doesn't know where he's going and a text that doesn't know where it is. I'm not the first to feel such a sensation. No doubt, there is something about the virginity of a blank page that induces an awkward stutter. I suppose first times are always a bit clumsy.

I considered briefly that this blog was a bit like a car into which I was stepping, but unable to control. I don't think that analogy quite works though -- after all, if I'm not driving this blog, who is? Instead, I think my interaction with the blog might be more akin to that between a lousy rider and an even lousier horse. I don't ride horses, but I can imagine that if sitting uncomfortably atop a horse that was equally uncomfortable under my weight, I would try to control the animal, to drive it in the direction I wished to go, thinking foolishly that it was I who was in charge, choosing to ignore the plain fact that it was the horse's feet only that touched the ground. It is unlikely that the horse, or the blog, will end up where I had first intened for us to go, but hopefully, with time, we will feel each other out, test each other's limits, and eventually come to a grumpy understanding. I doubt I will ever manage to drive the blog, but hopefully, if I learn to use the right words and push and pull in the right places, it will head off in the general direction I'd like. For now though, my feet are far off the ground, and I'm a good deal out of control. I would apologize, but this is the success blog, and there's no reason to apologize for succeeding.

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