Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Thug Appeal

So my blog is being out-blinged.

Like so many other aspects of my boring beige life, my blog, the very reflection of my inner essence, is being outdone by the glitter and glam of its MTV-watching, iPod-toting, ice-wearing peers. Bigger, better pictures, more links, fancier layout, more frequent posts, and *gasp* audioblogs are, apparently, the future of blogging. Without interactivity, multimedia, and wicked-cool graphics, a blog cannot hope to grasp the stunted attention of today's fast-paced audience. No longer shall a blog be adjudicated based on its true merits: substance, honesty and vigor. Well I say, the birth of bling spells the death of the blog. When a blog ceases to shine based upon its own inner glow, and instead relies upon the commercial gimmicks that have already take over mainstream media and American pop culture, that blog is no longer a blog. It is something less, something impure, and something foul. I say, reject the superficial sparkle of the Holyblog! Reject the empty allure of shallow sights and spineless sounds! Reject blog bling! Substance, honesty, vigor, forever!

P.S. Check out the song I wrote several years back for a Wendy's competition. I didn't win, what do y'all think?
The Hamburger Song
Flashing lights and dancing models to come soon...


mindovermatter said...

When are you gonna stop playing the "Hey look I wrote jingle for this Wendy's contest a while back, and I sang backup for it and recorded it all by myself!" card? And why are so many of your posts ABOUT BLOGS? Its like an author writing a book about a book...And I don't know if I like this "I'm the new cynical-ass-Deity of all blogs and bloggers" attitude either. What you got, huh?

colderwater said...

wow - mindovermatter, way to be dead on about SLS's blog. well done. it's amazing how you can summerize a weeks's worth of posts and cleverly analyze them in about a paragraph and yet this guy keeps rambling on and on about the same thing. nice work.