Friday, June 18, 2004

Back in the Day...

I stumbled onto some old-school fun times today. Kdigg and I used to kick this back in the day in the A-301 family room; it clearly beats these new-fangled 3D computer games, and I would always beat Kdigg's high scores right after he got them, which pissed him off. Good times, good times.

While I'm on the brief topic of dumb and addicting online games, me and the stoners got into this last just last year at the potlatch. Yea, it makes you register and shit, but it's worth it becauase you get to play against other people. If you want, you can play for money. Play "word-mojo". I really want to play for some dough, but I feel like loser enough just playing without playing for money. But still, I think we could win.

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colderwater said...

those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.