Wednesday, June 23, 2004

My latest success

So I built a computer. I know it's nerdy and whatnot, but hey, it was damn fun, and it both better and cheaper than that Dell crap. For anyone interested in the tech side of things, here's what I've got inside the ol' Lian Li PC-6077:

Antec TruePOWER 430
AMD 64 3000+
MSI K8N Neo Patinum
1 GB Mushkin PC3500 DDRAM
PowerColor Radeon 9600 Pro
nuTech DDW-082
Seagate 160 Gig SATA Hard Drive


Anyway, my real purpose here is not to be an uber-dork, but instead to narrate a short experience I had while setting up the machine. So I'm chuggig' along, things going smoothly, I get ready to fire 'er up, and nothing happens. Yada yada, some wires were crossed, fixed that and it roars to life. Unfortunately, no picture. No signal to the moniter. Shitty. I try everthing. Finally, exasperated, I just shoved the graphics card as hard into the motherboard as I could, and low and behold, it clicked. Of course, the card just wasn't in all the way, which I suspected, but anything short of throwing my whole body into it did nothing. The point is, is this one more lesson of life which teaches us that when all else fails just kick it? Well, apparently, yes. Armed with this knowledge, relationship, here I come.

Next time - Bright Eyes: musical genius or misguided youth?

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