Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Recently, I've been taking some flak. Who knew, but that Lindsay post got everyone all riled up. Seriously, everyone needs to calm down. Nevertheless, in the 12 hours since the Lindsay post, the following things have happened:

1. The long-term lady-friend almost told me to get long-term lost.
2. The blog-nazi flipped his shit and gave me the blog-bird, twice.
3. My most faithful reader, and, as I will soon explain, the leading contributor of ideas outside of myself, has decided that he likes the blog-nazi's blog better, and thus, will take his patronage elsewhere.

The first issue, thankfully, has been resolved. The second, I don't mind, and find rather funny. The third, well, let's talk about the third, because coolwater, the guy who started a blogspot ID just so he could post comments but has no desire to start a blog, is the reason for this whole mess. He is the one who suggested Lindsay, not you, blog-nazi. He even selected the damn pictures, miss long-term lady-friend and love of my life. If anyone wants to eat strawberries with Lindsay, it's him, not me.

Now, I will admit, that despite his influence, this is my blog, and I ought to be responsible for what goes on here. And, as we have been over before, the blog-nazi blogged - then I blogged. Yes, our layouts are similar. Yes, my blog looks like a black-background version of his blog. And yes, maybe The Success Blog really is the evil twin version of The ***** Blog. But I'll be damned if I stand for having my blog called "the shitty Sham Blog that has stolen everything from my blog and given absolutely nothing back". I mean, really. That's just not true. I clearly haven't stolen everything.

I'm getting tired of this blogwarring. It makes me want to eat cake. All I want is to be able to write what I want, when I want, and not get in trouble for it. I thought that was the whole point of the blog. I don't want everything to be mortally serious. I want to be able to be a character. Maybe that is the problem. I have been so inconsistent in the attitude and point of view from which my blogs come, that the reader has no choice but to see me, the author, as the narrator, when really, each new post has a different narrator, none of which are really me. Is that what you don't like, coolwater? Do I seem dishonest? Am I dishonest? Who knows. Maybe I am. I just don't know anymore. Maybe if I broke up with JZ, the blog would be more entertaining. In fact, it definitely would be. But sorry readers, that's just not going to happen. I've found a source of happiness that not even blogging or hockey can top. And she's pretty damn cool. Nevertheless, in an effort to bare my soul and give my blog more of a storytelling feel, I may start a new "tales from scribb's past series". Plenty of buffoonery and embarassing moments there. For the next week or so, however, blogging may be sparse, JZ's comin' to town and we're headin' to the hills. Scribbs - out.


colderwater said...

look - all i did was suggest that a lindsay lohan post might be a good idea. you were the one that ran with it, and made the then inevitable bad choices thereafter. as for the other blog you may or may not copy from, well it is brilliant. no doubt about that. i mean, it's funny, interesting, honest, full of brilliant pop culture references (quality, quality films and tv shows mainly), and most importantly, interesting things actually happen to the author. so if you don't actually steal anything from his blog . . . well, maybe you should, it's brilliant.

mindovermatter said...

Maybe you should suck him off then, Spike Lee. Where is your "brilliant" blog?

colderwater said...

i never claimed that i could write a brilliant blog (although . . . i probably could). i merely pointed out the brilliance of somebody else's. so maybe you should go suck yourself off O.