Friday, January 06, 2006

I've changed my mind

Only yesterday I was singing the high praises of f-er's blog, JiVE. I have now changed my mind. I would like to rescend the following comments:

1. "It really ought not be termed a blog at all--its more like a one-man mcsweeny's but with greater eclecticity."

It is true that some entries are indeed markedly un-blog-like, but others, regretfully at times, are. It is primarily for this reason--the "blogness" of the thing--that I have decided throttle back my praise.

2. "It's just bloody brilliant."

Brillant, yes. Bloody brillant, no.

3. "Possibly the only thing of merit at thesuccessblog is the little link that has lingered for some time on the right-hand side of my page pointing a lucky reader to JiVE."

A simple consultation of my hand site-meter reveals that this is clearly not the case. While it is still of my personal opinion that the link to JiVE is indeed meritable, the facts of my visitorship plainly demonstrate that, by far, the greatest merits of the site are its photo's which, evidently, turn up in google image searches--yielding the vast majority of my hits. This truth would give me greater consolation if the images were at all mine. If I had taken them, for example, or even gotten them from people who had taken them, or, even, simply had them, for whatever reason, on my own computer. But alas, I cannot claim such agency. They are all stolen from the web, primarily found by using google image searches, and simply linked to via blogger, so that I am not even hosting them. This is the reason why so many images are no longer visable in old posts. When the true "hosts" of these images move on to bigger and better things, my dishonest reflection of them dissapears as well. I think I will now go weep myself to sleep.

In the bathroom.

At the office.

Sitting in the handicap stall.

The Life of Pi is still good. No corrections needed.

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F'er said...

Gosh. Not bloody brilliant after all, eh? Well. I guess we'll have to wait and see what TIME magazine has to say.

Glad to see you posting again, Scribbs.