Friday, April 15, 2005


I finished Moby Dick, for the first time, moments ago, but in truth I have only just opened its cover. For the first time, now, after having read the final page, have I seen the scope of the thing that lays before me--seen how massive, how deep, and how big it is. I want to reduce it, and learn it, and know it, but one cannot reduce and learn and know life--could one possibly reduce and learn and know this? Or will the attempt, the attempt to know, be the end of both known and knower?

Perhaps. I am tired and full of energy. I finished and opened a big thing. And like a child whose toy comes with many parts and many things to look at and play with and figure out, I failt to start the process for how greatly it intimidates and awes me. Who art thou Ahab? Who art thou Ishmael? Who art though Scribbs? Who art though Moby Dick?

What a night. "What's that he said--Ahab beware of Ahab--there's something there!"


Scootorious said...
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Scootorious said...

Scribbs- if there is anyone more melodramtic and hyperbolic than me...God knows its you. Honestly, an enjoyable post, inciteful.

dbhayes said...

wow that was cool. i may not have fully understood but i still thought it was cool.