Monday, September 13, 2004

no time for blogging

My world is spinning. Last night, my head was spinning, but today, my world is spinning. There is too much to do, and too little time, and there isn't enough time to blog, and there isn't enough time to watch tv, or movies, or read silly books. There is only time for reading big books, and smart books, and writing papers, and thinking about hemingway, and there's barely time for that. I hope there is time to think about hemingway, at least there will be that. There's no time for eating, and certainly no time for cooking, and im worried that there wont even be time for tennis. There's no time for apostrophes, or capitalisations, or grammar, or spell-check. i almost feel like there's no time for life. my world is spinning, spinning around and around, up and down. somewhere in the blur is life, and in ways, when i spin really fast, life gets bigger, and longer, and all spread out. the problem is, life really just gets distorted when i spin too fast, and i cant see it clearly and i dont know what life is, and i dont know what living is, and i dont know anything other than that i have no time, and i certainly dont have time to be writing this, at work, right before i lock up, and arm the alarm, and walk back, at midnight, in the moderate cold of a september night in the middle of the wheatfields.

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