Sunday, February 01, 2009

Disruptive Technologies

Today was all about disruptive technologies.   Not the Clayton Christensen kind.  Rather, literal gadgets and gizmos (technologies) that distracted (disrupted) me from whatever I was "supposed" to be doing today (in this case, watching the Superbowl, which I failed to do).   Instead of joining my fellow Yankee's in watching football today, I mussed about and "achieved" the following:

1. I twittered.   Or tweeted.   Whatever you call it--I'm there.
2. I did some scripting to solve some trivial problems.
3. I read some software development blogs, including this one, which lead me to this post which I trumpet as a defense of my pseudo-coding approach to "software"
4. I futzed with my iphone, most disruptive of all technologies (in every sense).
5. I authored a blog post.

Tomorrow, I may use my favorite browser to suss out how I might use my iphone to compose and post blog entries and auto-tweet the posts.   If you know how to do that, twitter me, so I have more than one follower.

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