Saturday, May 07, 2005

God, are you listening? Are you reading this, now? ever? Will you comment? Oh, please comment. No one comments anymore and it would mean so much, and I would know that you’ve read, and then I would know that you always read, and I think that would be good.

I have some questions, I’m looking for answers.

Does it matter what I order? What are the chances that someone will fuck up my order? What should I order? Ok, fine, what will I order? How unhealthy, exactly, is that? Let’s say I order one of everything—can I afford that? I can! super! Wait…that’s gonna make me fat huh? Fuck.

I have other questions, but those are the most pressing. I’ll check back in a few days—at which point, a revelation will occur and decisions will be made. Or not.


JJZ said...

hmmm....go for the happy meal. you get a little of everything plus a toy. You leave knowing you got the best prozac out there. :)

Hebbosome said...

Order something different every time until you find the one that every one of your senses tells you is best for you. Then buy a lifetime supply.

Oh yeah, and I'm back.